About Robin
Robin Hammond

Robin Hammond formed his law office to provide more dedicated services to his clients and potential clients throughout Quintana Roo, Mexico. Prior to forming the firm, Robin worked as Senior In-House Counsel at Operadora Anderson’s, an international restaurant and bar franchise based in Cancun, Mexico, helping guide the company’s daily operations and providing primary legal support and having already gained a wealth of business management and legal experience during his time with Creel Abogados in Mexico City and McNeils in Dubai, UAE. Robin was involved with various business transactions, including contract negotiation and drafting, collections, business creation, and private placement investments. Robin’s drive is to dedicate his full attention to his legal passions: where he focuses his practice on business formation, business and corporate law, commercial transactions and regulatory compliance for a diverse range of startup and existing companies.

Robin takes pride in the personal service he provides to his clients. You can be assured you will speak with a lawyer each time you call. He handles all questions and conducts all client meetings. His job is to use the law to achieve your goals and protect what matters most to you - your business, your family, and your property.

Robin was admitted as a solicitor in England and Wales (UK) from the Guildford Law School and was admitted to practice law in November of 1972. In July of 1999 he gained a Masters Degree at Mexican Law via the University of Anahuac & Mayab.

Robin is active in a number of professional organizations including the Association of Corporate Counsel, the Association of European Lawyers, and the Mexican Association of Real Estate Brokers.