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Corporate and Foreign Investment

A Civil Law axiom - an act is permitted if not prohibited - allows freedom in the use of distinct “vehicles” for business transactions, as well as their use without undue restraints, including unfounded minority equity harassment at operating and administrative levels.

The scope of this service covers all type of corporate action, shareholders and board of directors meetings. We maintain corporate records of many companies and often we act as Secretaries of the companies involved. With such a comprehensive range of activities, we can provide all-inclusive advice and the provision of comprehensive guidance to foreign investors in Mexico.

By way of illustration, we offer the following services:

Real Estate

This field covers the structuring, negotiation and implementation of real estate transactions, such as, commercial, tourist, residential (both urban and rural) properties and developments, condominiums, subdivisions and zoning, that includes:

Intelectual Property

This department oversees the protection of all classes of patents, copyrights and trademarks (PCT).

The firm provides legal assistance in connection with patents, utility models, industrial designs, trademarks, commercial names, slogans, as well as copyrights, and all other related legal matters, for which we have on hand expert chemists, electrical, chemical and other engineers, biologists and translators so as to cover both litigation and administrative procedures. The services of the firm in intellectual property are thus very broad and encompass all the intellectual property issues, including tax, civil and criminal aspects.

The assistance to clients in the area of intellectual property cover the study, planning, prosecution and development of strategies and, when required, litigation whether administrative, civil and/or criminal, against unfair competition practice or illegal exploitation of patents or illegal use of trademarks.

In connection with trademarks, the firm provides consulting services regarding their registrability, as well as the general prosecution which begins with trademark search, classification of goods and services to be covered, preparation and filing of the corresponding applications, and their prosecution before the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property up to the granting of the registrations, renewals and the maintenance of the same.

In the field of patents, utility models, industrial designs and secrets and PCT applications, the firm provides translation of inventions, technical analysis to determine whether the inventions to be protected are patentable, the preparation and filing of applications, the examination of technical and legal requirements set forth by official actions and the answer to official actions, as well as the payment of annuities and protection of rights.

As regards copyrights, the firm handles the preparation and filing for the registration of the corresponding works, such as computer programs, scientific books, technical works, pedagogical and didactic works, artistic and literary, musical, architectural and photographic, audio-visual, radio, TV and lithographic works, pictorial, drawings, engravings and the like, as well as the negotiation of license agreements which imply exploitation of such works.

Specifically, we offer the following services: