About Robin
Quality and experience

Robin Hammond & Associates is one of the few law firms in Mexico offering an integrated service in corporate legal advice and strategic legal planning for the sophisticated business and investment needs, both for domestic and cross-border transactions.

The Firm not only offers a highly qualified and experienced legal support in a great variety of international commercial and corporate transactions, but also relies on an of-counsel network of domestic and international advisors in financing, taxation, accounting and specialized legal matters which may be beyond the Firm's areas of practice. This enables the Firm to respond quickly to its clients' needs, providing them with all the necessary information and advice which is necessary to make the best business decisions in less time, and allowing them to respond competitively to the ever changing business needs.

A Creative, Ethic & Productive Approach

The Firm is committed to the following principles to ensure that top-quality services are offered to its clients:

Advise its clients as early as possible in the planning phases of their business or transaction, analyzing and offering the best structures available under applicable law, utilizing our extensive experience to plan and implement the corporate structure which is most beneficial to the client's interests. Maintain the most stringent confidentiality practices, always keeping an honest relationship with its clients and a respectful one with all other parties with which it is involved from time to time. The use of state-of-the-art technology and permanent on-line access to the most reliable sources of information, providing the most efficient services to its clients. Developing the Firm's legal staff, through continued legal education and legal training on their respective practice areas.

Practice Areas

The Firm's services are centered in five main Practice Areas:

A general description of the Firm's services offered within each of the Practice Areas, as well as brief references to some representative transactions in which the Firm has participated, are included in our Main Practice Areas section.

A Commitment with its Clients

Robin Hammond & Associates works under the principle that the legal fees involved in a transaction must be reasonable, easily justified and clearly translated as a benefit to its clients.

The Firm is committed to maintaining a permanent alliance with its clients, assisting them in their day-to-day growth with top-quality legal services. The Firm provides its clients with the best legal alternatives, solutions and experience which in other times were considered exclusive of major transnational conglomerates.

In accordance with such principle, the Firm keeps a detailed record of all activities performed on behalf of our clients. Such records enable the Firm to prepare clear and complete invoices which may be easily reviewed by our clients.